The importance of having bad days too

So, the fact that I haven’t published anything for two weeks has absolutely nothing to do with the title of today’s post. To be honest, the past couple of weeks have been the contrary, meaning the days (and especially the weekends) have been quite overwhelmingly positive. But just because I’ve been relatively happy (though almost to the extent that it’s been a bit out of proportion compared to the last 12 years of my life…) doesn’t mean it’s a legit excuse to neglect my website. It just felt odd, searching for (meaningful, inspiring, thoughtful) things to write about while my mind was fully occupied by something I wanted to keep to myself. Although it still doesn’t feel like it’s the right time to be sharing any details, I did feel the need to write again and was inspired by one of the many deep conversations I’ve had this week.

It’s February 2016 and we all live a busy life. Work, school, family, friends, relationship(s), social statuses and online updates; someway, somehow we all have to find a way to juggle these balls and find a balance between them. While times have changed and the pressure of being successful (personally, professionally, socially) is weighing heavy on our shoulders, still, the amount of hours in a day haven’t changed and we have to try to meet all the expectations (not just our own but mostly the ones we think others have) every single day. I’m surely not the only one who has to admit it’s becoming almost impossible to truly enjoy the beauty of the little things in life as we’re overshadowed by all the expectations and obligations that have become a priority.IMG_20160128_221057Being positive all the time is an impossible task. It’s not exceptional to have a bad day every once in a while because everybody’s ‘bucket’ needs to be emptied. I like to refer to our energy levels and emotional state as ‘buckets’, others indicate them as ‘batteries’; each their own. Still, the concept is simple: positivity influences your bucket in a good way and negativity in a bad way. Although we’re all taught that positvity is good and negativity is bad, sometimes it’s actually a good thing to have a bad day.

Having a bad day, a bad moment or a bad experience usually makes a person appreciate all the good days, the good moments and the good experiences. We’re more appreciative about sunshine after a cloudy or rainy day. We’re more appreciative about someone who’s kind after we’ve been treated badly. There are countless examples of how the bad outweighs the good for a positive result. I don’t judge anyone who’s grumpy or allowing themselves to have a bad day. Having a bad day is important too! (not just because it’s a great excuse to stay in, watch Netflix and eat Ben&Jerry’s) Make it through the bad and ugly to appreciate all the good and beauty of life. It’s all about balance after all…

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