The chain-reaction of change

Recently I’ve experienced the power of admitting to change, even when these changes are somewhat challenging and perhaps a bit scary. By acknowledging my fear(s) I took control over the situation and was able to move forward because my anxiety was no longer a feeling or just a thought, it was an actual thing to be considered and acted upon. Dwelling on making decisions is an art I’ve mastered in the past 12 years, out of fear of making the wrong decision(s) and ending up regretting them or upsetting someone. In the meantime, one (rather important) thing I failed to understand was that dwelling and postponing actually added to the level of stress and anxiety I was experiencing. I did mention I tend to prefer learning things the hard way, didn’t I …?

Any kind of change never affects just one person. Either it may inspire another person to take action or it affects them directly, but one way or another a chain-reaction of change is created. Although I wasn’t fully aware of it when I was younger, somehow I always wanted to help others. Unfortunately my ways of getting that message across weren’t always subtle (I can be a bit blunt from time to time #sorry) but my intentions were good!2015-06-12 13.48.32Because I’m so incredibly self-aware I get mad at myself when I fail to control my initial reaction to something that upsets me. I’m still learning every day to become a better person but I have no shame in admitting that, without being cocky, I think I’ve made a lot of improvement already. The fun thing of noticing these changes within myself, is that it feels as if I’m (unintentionally) also getting others to think about it too. I’m learning ways to reach out to people whom are open for these thoughts about self-awareness and self-acceptance. Today’s society and social standards aren’t made for accepting yourself to the fullest as we all rely on the ongoing approval of others. I’d like to make a difference and the best way to make change is by creating opportunities.

With the decisions I’ve made in the last couple of weeks I’m not only introducing changes in my own life but in the lives of several other people as well. Although I’m nervous, because I can get carried away by the big ‘what if…’ , I feel equally excited. I’ve been feeling relieved since I started accepting the fact that change is indeed scary and the chances of it not working out are always applicable. But if you don’t try; you’ll never learn. You’ll never know whether you’d be able to conquer and succeed. The big ‘what if…‘ will hunt you, regardless of the decision you make. It’s up to you to decide but I think pride of being bold and admitting to change definitely outweighs living with regret of giving in to fear…

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