How a stranger changed my life

It’s funny how a single, simple challenge managed to completely turn my life around. Whilst looking through the tabs of my site I stumbled on my Pre-30 To Tick-Off List (Pre-30 TTOL) and was reminded that I’d challenged myself to go on a blind date. I think it goes without saying that my site has been heavily neglected the past 3 months, mainly due to the fact that I had other priorities to obey to such as growing a tiny human being inside of me… Which brings me to the reason of this intro: this baby wouldn’t have ever been thought of if I hadn’t agreed to go on a blind date last year!

A year ago I wasn’t exactly going through a happy phase and was contemplating to swear off men and relationships while embracing life as a single, 27-year old woman who’d never not been in a relationship since the age of 15. As I went on a short get-away to Tenerife with Lianne my mind was occupied with all sorts of thoughts and plans for the future, aiming to make the most of this new chapter of life. It was due to this newly found carelessness (although I highly doubt I ever was or ever will be entirely careless) that I agreed to go a lunch date, chaperoned (read: supported) by my friend Marjet and her then-boyfriend. Marjet had been feeding my date (who’s a friend of her ex) little bits and pieces of information about me in the months prior so he was curious and somewhat prepared, I (on the other hand) had never heard of him before (shame on me) and jumped head-first in this adventure. And what a great adventure it has been!

Last weekend I entered the third trimester of my pregnancy: it’s unbelievable how time has flown by! It’s less than 3 months until my due date and knowing babies often introduce themselves early, we could be calling ourselves a family in a matter of 10 weeks or so. This is an overwhelming thought, but incredibly heart-warming and exciting at the same time. We’ve had plenty of time to get used to the idea (which, for the record, wasn’t a mistake!), to prepare the room and buy all necessities for this new life we’ve created. On the other hand, I’ve had zero to none inspiration to update my blog. Mostly because everything has been going so well and I’m happy and healthy. It’s such a cliché but I think I’ve finally found the missing piece to my puzzle and as my life is now complete, I no longer feel the need to pursuit the journey to find something better. It’s not perfect (as I don’t think life ever is) but we managed to get pretty close to it…


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  1. Ik hoop dat jullie nieuwe gezin, en vooral het (aanstaande) moederschap een nieuwe inspiratie voor prachtige, en vrolijke blogs mogen zijn, en je deze met ons wilt blijven delen! ik kijk uit naar de volgende!

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