How a stranger changed my life

It’s funny how a single, simple challenge managed to completely turn my life around. Whilst looking through the tabs of my site I stumbled on my Pre-30 To Tick-Off List (Pre-30 TTOL) and was reminded that I’d challenged myself to go on a blind date. I think it goes without saying that my site has been heavily neglected the past 3 months, mainly due to the fact that I had other priorities to obey to such as growing a tiny human being inside of me… Which brings me to the reason of this intro: this baby wouldn’t have ever been thought of if I hadn’t agreed to go on a blind date last year!

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The right time to make a change

Now the festivities are behind us, it’s time to look ahead. The New Year is nearly upon us and this is a golden opportunity to come up with a few resolutions you’d like to work on the next 365 days. Although I firmly believe every day is an opportunity to make change, I fully understand that for some it’s better to use the first day of the New Year as a motivation. But what are your plans? What would you like to achieve? Most importantly: how are you going to make it work?

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Learning exciting, fun and new things (about food)

In October I introduced my Pre-30 TTOL and kicked it off with two (separate) workshops of healthy cooking by Pure Food Coaching in Haarlem (The Netherlands). As I’ve mentioned before, my relationship with food has been challenging and although I’m doing relatively well nowadays, there’s always room for improvement. And what better way to improve my lifestyle by stepping out of my comfort zone and learn more about healthy alternatives? The amount of (new) information was overwhelming and I was surprised by the amount of things I didn’t know yet and products I’d never heard of!

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Pre-30 TTOL: # 2 of Every Day Selfies (EDS)

Don’t worry, I will not abuse my miserable amount of posts per week (two, in case you haven’t noticed: Sunday and Wednesday) to bore you with blurry pictures of my face that I take every morning before I leave the house. For the record: I leave the house at 7:45 AM so unavoidable puffy eyes are totally excused! Technically I could be using the same picture over and over again because my make-up routine hasn’t changed in years, my frizzy hair is almost always styled the same way (although I’ve gone wild last week with a braid!) and my sense of style is still M.I.A.

So why do I take them? More importantly: why do I publish them?
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You’ll never know whether you’re ready until you try

The excitement for my Pre-30 TTOL was noticeable and it was fun to see others being curious to the things that would be on it. Although the timeframe is relatively large (2.5+ years) and the amount of things to tick off is not that high, I have decided this list is subject to change. (#surprise) This means, whenever I come across something that is worth trying, I’ll make sure to add it. Curious? Keep reading for the full list!  Continue reading

Pre-30 TTOL: # 1 of Every Day Selfies (EDS)

Last week I already teased you a bit by revealing the challenge to watch a movie per week as part of my Pre-30 TTOL. It turns out the t’s and i’s that are left to cross and be dotted are more complicated than I’d imagined them to be. In addition to this I’ve noticed the things I’ve been adding to the list are quite personal and not necessarily measurable as completed or achieved by performance, but also involve slight adjustments to my personality to become even more awesome…  Continue reading

Pre-30 TTOL: Movies

As part of my Pre-30 TTOL (SPOILER ALERT) I’ve challenged myself to watch at least one movie a week. Whether it’s at home, a DVD, Netflix or at the cinema, to me watching movies is an escape from reality. Not because I feel the need to escape, reality isn’t that bad (knock on wood, just in case – right?), but because I like to let go of my focus and just let my imagination run free with the lines of the movie. Watching a movie with be can be a additionally scary (I’m freakishly jumpy) or funny (I have a loud laugh – so sue me) but also annoying because I can’t stand being interupted and I’ll tell you off right on the spot. (#sorrynotsorry)

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