How to quickly lose unwanted weight…

No doubt ‘losing weight‘ is on top of many New Year’s resolutions for 2016. Understandably, because fitting in to a certain dress size is one of the biggest social pressures nowadays. Who cares about feeling comfortable in your own skin, right? It’s all about being able to zip up a size 6 before you can allow yourself to feel pretty. Acknowledging your own beauty is probably not a priority; instead it’s about being socially accepted and liked. But does being accepted and liked depend on the size of your beautiful bum? Although I seriously hope it doesn’t, I still want to give you a few tips on how to quickly lose unwanted weight. Let’s go!

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Can beauty survive underneath the layer of idealism?

It’s a topic I’ve addressed before but because it’s a rather sensitive one to write about with regards to triggering thoughts and comments, I always (safely) steered away from it. Today, however, I feel it’s time. Not specifically because today is any different than yesterday or tomorrow but because I had to publish something and ran out of drafts so had to go from flow and this subject is on my mind at the moment. Original? Hardly. But it turns out I’ve got the guts to go with spontaneous writing after all!

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Pre-30 TTOL: # 2 of Every Day Selfies (EDS)

Don’t worry, I will not abuse my miserable amount of posts per week (two, in case you haven’t noticed: Sunday and Wednesday) to bore you with blurry pictures of my face that I take every morning before I leave the house. For the record: I leave the house at 7:45 AM so unavoidable puffy eyes are totally excused! Technically I could be using the same picture over and over again because my make-up routine hasn’t changed in years, my frizzy hair is almost always styled the same way (although I’ve gone wild last week with a braid!) and my sense of style is still M.I.A.

So why do I take them? More importantly: why do I publish them?
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You’ll never know whether you’re ready until you try

The excitement for my Pre-30 TTOL was noticeable and it was fun to see others being curious to the things that would be on it. Although the timeframe is relatively large (2.5+ years) and the amount of things to tick off is not that high, I have decided this list is subject to change. (#surprise) This means, whenever I come across something that is worth trying, I’ll make sure to add it. Curious? Keep reading for the full list!  Continue reading

Listen, learn and live from your intuition

This summer I accepted the Intuition Challenge, offered by Simone Levie, a successful Dutch entrepreneur who develops online programs, hosts seminars and has helped thousands of people establish successful businesses of their own. This (Dutch) Intuition Challenge is free and it has helped me realise a lot of things, mostly things I’ve been doing wrong in my adult life. Although wrong is probably not the right word to use because it carries a negative load and I’m trying to divert away from that mindset, but I have come to conclusion that I can do better than this. Much better. I just (makes it sound easy) have to let go of some baggage, some fears and the negative self-image I’ve created and been holding on to far too long. This burden of negativity has imprinted itself on my comfort zone and I think its current state is in desperate need of a proper cleaning…

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Revealing: what’s behind the mask?

OK, here we go (again). I want to take things up a notch, or two.

The whole idea of being a blogger is to have something to write about. Something close to the heart of the blogger. Something interesting or entertaining for you to read. For my site, I take my own preferences in consideration of what I like about the blogs I read and bloggers I follow: subjects that interest me and I can relate to, well written posts with a bit of humour, personal stories so I feel connected to the blogger and a clear and appealing appearance of the site. (I get easily put off by funky layouts or having to click through too many pages to get somewhere) My intention is to create a site I’d like to visit (and follow) and would recommend to my friends.

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BYC: My first 5K – I made it!

Saturday morning passed by in a blur. Prior to the run I was in a hectic, chaotic and slightly stressed mindset and, because of that, not a fun (or even nice) person to be around. I had been suffering stomach pains since Friday evening and throughout the night I’d been worried how I was going to make it through 5 kilometers of running ( or even walking, or crawling). This worry only made matters worse and, even though I’m fully aware of the vicious circle of this distrust in my body and the related cramps, it’s a bad habit I’ve not been able to shake off (yet). For me, this is a side-effect of stepping out of my comfort zone but, in time, this will get easier, I hope.

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BYC: My first 5K

I’ve never been much of a runner. My body doesn’t easily accommodate to the continuous pressure on the joints, yet, for some crazy reason, I decided it would be fun to sign up for a 5K. Not just any 5K though, but the Color Run in Amsterdam. I am participating for the fun of it, the colours and glitters are an extra and the fact that I have to run 5 kilometers is a minor detail I’m trying to ignore. Whatever time I’ll finish at, it will be a PR. So I’m celebrating a victory, no matter what.

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BYC: Disclaimer

I’ve recently found the courage to start my journey to independence, to inner peace and acceptance. You’ve been invited to witness my journey and join me if you like: challenge yourself and you might discover a new turn that could lead to new and amazing things. However, I am not a graduate on the subject, nor am I licensed or empowered to tell you what is right or what you should do. But who is? …

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