Welcome! And thank you for visiting blondisjustacolour.com! Here I aim to publish twice a week about anything that comes to mind. Lately my main thoughts and interest go to subjects related to lifestyle, mindstyle and personal growth (stepping out of my/your comfort zone).

About me.

My name is Lenneke, I am 27 years old and currently living in a small town nearby Amsterdam, The Netherlands. I am no fashionista and not in the possession of a serious amount of style, but what I lack in being girly I try to make up with an attempt of being slightly entertaining. I’m not implying I’m smart in any way, I just want to proof that blond is, in fact, just a colour. Oh, and (in real life) I tend to use sarcasm to hide my insecurities…

I’ve recently found the courage to start my journey to independence, to inner peace and acceptance. You are hereby invited to witness my journey and join me if you like.  Maybe it will encourage you to challenge yourself and you might discover a new turn that could lead you to new and amazing things in life!

My career and ambitions.

After finishing school (Trade & Logistics) I worked at the flower auction for a while but I became allergic to some of the stems I was handling on a daily basis, so I had to look for something else. For the past 7 years I’ve been working at an international Logistics company, spending my days with providing excellent Customer Service and making sure the cargo ends up at the right destination, preferably as often as possible. Meanwhile I also continue to pursue my long-time ambition to become a writer.

After years of writing for the fun of it, without a clear intention or an actual purpose, I finally decided to take my dreams more serious. In order to become an established author, there were steps that needed to be taken. Steps that would take me beyond my comfort. Transferring my site was the first step, establishing an intention and meeting its purpose comes next…

Beyond your comfort.

On the site referred to as BYC. The initiative of Beyond Your Comfort is to discuss subjects, life events, questions, doubts and struggles that happen to a lot of people, though you often think you’re the only one going through it or you’re afraid to talk about in fear others won’t understand. The intention is to discuss a wide variety of subjects but the main intention is to challenge ourselves to explore beyond the safe compound of our well-known comfort zone. For me personally, it’s my intention to achieve acceptance with my past and present, find inner peace and work on personal growth. That’s my path. Aren’t you curious to find yours?

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