A general shout-out for kindness

Alright, it’s time to take the gloves off and be brutally honest, mostly towards ourselves. Would you be able to honestly answer if I’d ask you: What influences the way you see other people? Do you easily judge by appearance? Have you every publicly commented or ridiculed someone’s behaviour? Do you think before you act? Are you aware of the way your thoughts, comments and/or facial expressions could be affecting those people? I know this is going to be a sensitive subject for some but I want to discuss it regardless of the dislikes. Especially, because those who are finding it difficult to be confronted with their own insensitive behaviour might be the ones whom are in need of this message…

First and foremost I want to make it very clear that I am in no way trying to tell anyone how they should live their life, nor am I implying my way of thinking is right and I’m certainly not intending to upset or hurt you. My intention is to raise awareness for the way our presence, our thoughts and our way of doing, could be (and certainly is) affecting other people. Luckily many of us are not consciously being insensitive bitches, which is a good thing because it would be even worse if we’d intentionally go around hurting others, but if nobody ever mentions it, we might all continue the way we’re doing and never realise we could’ve been doing it differently, with a more positive effect.

By it I’m referring to the way we’re expressing our opinion and our general, social behaviour. Why do we do things the way we do them? Because they feel normal to us? Perhaps because everybody does it that way? Many of us deal with a diversity of insecurities on a daily basis and find it easier to copy behaviour or the opinion of people they feel are socially accepted. But why would we hide behind the opinion of someone else when we have perfectly fine and acceptable opinion of our own? In addition to that: many of us tend to underestimate the power of our presence and how our mood affects those in our surroundings, either positively and negatively.

Just because someone’s way of doing something seems a bit odd to you, doesn’t mean they’ll be functioning better when you criticize them. Or you might not like the dress they’re wearing but this doesn’t give you the right to make them feel bad for liking it. Although we all like to believe the freedom of speech equals empowerment, it’s critical to remain humane and treat others the way you would like to be treated. Let’s face it: would you enjoy being ridiculed?

Self-awareness will prevent you from unnecessarily hurting or upsetting people who are brave enough to do their own thing. Instead of making them feel bad perhaps you can take note from their bravery of accepting their unique being and embracing it. You can’t influence the opinion others have of you but you can be the best version of yourself and find peace in the fact that your being doesn’t rely on the approval of others. The world isn’t a happy place for everyone but you are totally entitled to decorate it by your upbeat attitude and positively affect those around you. It’s not merely a matter of ‘think before you talk or text‘ but also of ‘think before you criticize others with the intention to make yourself feel better because life can, in fact, be a bitch and will get back at you‘. You’re in charge of what you get back, based on what you give…

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