Challenge: Being happy on your own

Sometimes it feels like I’m going around in circles: addressing the same topic several times but in a slightly different context. I hope you’re not getting bored with me yet because I still have loads of things I want to write about, but the on-going things on my mind are often the same: personal development, positivity, raising awareness of our presence within society and general acceptance. It’s not an ordinary piece of cake but you know (if you’re a frequent visitor): I’m always up for a challenge!

By now there’s no denying my past of being a pleaser and prioritizing others’ needs, therewith neglecting my own needs and the things I like. While I was so consumed in chasing their happiness and attempting to fulfil their every need, I somehow managed to see the light and take things in to my own hands again. In the past 3 years a lot has changed and I feel stronger than ever. I’ve learned a lot about myself, took huge steps forward and some smaller steps back. All in all I’ve experienced exciting things outside my comfort zone but also found peace and acceptance within that well-known area of what I’d like to call ‘home’. First things first, I’ve learned the importance of liking myself. I’ve mentioned this before but I’m trying to treat myself the way I’d treat a friend, considering my habit of wanting to please them, I now aim to please myself as well.

One of the things that truly reflects my personal growth is the fact that I no longer rely on others to make me happy. It might sound a bit odd but I’ve spent quite an amount of time figuring out and searching for things that make me happy without the involvement of others. Turns out these things are quite simple, cheap and incredibly fulfilling. Although I’ve also been working on establishing a solid and reliable social life, there’s no denying the pleasure of being alone and being happy. (I did mention before that I’m an extroverted introvert, right?)
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Sunrise is my thing. I’ve always been a morning person but I was consumed with the hectic of everyday life that it never daunted on me to acknowledge and enjoy the beauty of the early hours of the day. Nowadays, since I’ve stopped myself from rushing and instead decided to live here and now, I’m enjoying most mornings when driving to work. (I’m less excited on cloudy, rainy or cold mornings – but it’s still Dutch weather conditions I’m dealing with) In addition to sunrise, other things that make me happy include: reading and writing, cleaning (seriously!), working out, baking (I’m such a housewife…) and listening to music. None of these things include another person which is the underlying thought of this post: regardless of your social status, ensure (or learn) to appreciate your own time, your likings and your happiness. We all want to be liked by others but perhaps we should go back to the basics of liking ourselves first…

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